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With High Tech Advanced Equipment, highly experienced doctors and professional technicians we ensure the most accurate diagnostic reporting. The following diagnostic services are available with us.

Diagnostic Laboratory Service

Digital X-Ray

It digitally transfers enhanced images with improved quality of display and chemical processing. It allows for immediate image preview.

Highly Advanced Ultrasound Machine with Colour Doppler

It uses ultrasound waves to view internal organs of the body, examine them and measure them. It gives clinically relevant information. It is used to detect abnormalities during pregnancy.


Centre of Excellence for Echocardiography for G.E. (USA). Dempo healthcare specializes in Echocardiography

Echocardiography uses sound waves to get a clear image of a patient’s heart. It gives a clear picture of the heart chambers, thickness of the heart muscles, whether chambers are enlarged, any cardiac masses, blood flow in the heart, any heart valve leakages or narrowing, congenital heart diseases (abnormal heart structures and blood flow in babies& adults), fluid around the heart etc.

Doppler – Peripheral & Carotid

It helps in the early diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. It aids in the study of blood flow in the carotid and peripheral vessels in order to detect blocking of vessels (e.g. clots), narrowing of vessels (plaque build up), venous insufficiency etc.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

It shows the electrical conductivity of the heart, that is whether the heart is beating at a normal pace, faster, slower, regularly or irregularly.

Stress Test

Stress Tests are conducted to examine the electrical conductivity of the heart under stress. It is a very important test in determining the condition of the heart.