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Corporate Wellness Programme

Human Resource is the most important resource in every organization. An employee is the most important asset of every organization. We have seen that employers do care about their staff and are dedicated to helping them stay healthy. And since “Health is Wealth”, employee health is paramount to ensure productivity and efficiency.

Staying away from work due to illness can affect an employee’s income and career as a whole. Employees want to continue working in order to support themselves and their families.

We at Dempo Healthcare recognise the importance of employee health. We have created a Unique Corporate Wellness Programme to address this important need. The programme consists of the following

Health Check Packages for Corporates.

  • Pre-Employment Health check: Employee’s health is assessed prior to joining work to see whether they are fit for that particular kind of work
  • Periodic Health check (annual, semi-annual): To regularly monitor employees’ health for continued fitness at work.
  • Age Specific Health check: Special Customised packages for people of different age groups.

These packages can also be customised as per company requirements

OPD Services

Periodic consultation with doctor and dietician

Day Care Admissions

Health Camps (In house or onsite)

Health Awareness Talks

Fitness Activities like Physiotherapy Camps, CPR Camps etc.

Corporate employees can avail all chargeable services mentioned above on a cashless basis.