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Cardio Metabolic Clinic

Dempo Healthcare is trying to promote healthy lifestyles through our cardio metabolic centre.
The aim of the Cardio Metabolic Centre at Dempo Healthcare is to educate people on how important it is to be proactive about their health. We can be your partners in improving your health. We hope to find and control disease states before they become life-threatening.
Our Heart works 24*7 without rest. Even at night when we are asleep and taking rest, our heart is continuously working. Its time we show the same love back to our heart and take good care of it.
Imagine living a happy healthy satisfying long life with your loved ones, family and friends. To start living a life like this or continue living one. Take charge of your health, love your body and take care of it. Just like how you maintain your car by regular servicing so also take care of your body by regular health check ups at least once in a year.

Regular health exams can find problems before they start, thereby increasing chances of treatment and cure. Age, family history, lifestyle choices (which includes what we eat and drink, how much physical activity we do every day, our habits like smoking, not giving enough sleep to our body, alcohol intake more than recommended, etc).They say charity, good habits, good behaviour start at home and so does HEALTH. Start with your health check up first and educate and encourage your loved ones too on their health. With increasing age our body also bears the effects of ageing on all organs, heart, brain, hormones, metabolism, bones etc. Once you are 40 plus it is good advice to get a health check done at least once a year. Most disease can be detected early, and its effects can thereby be prevented, controlled and even reversed.